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The Way of The Bassist: Level 1 - Digital Download

The Way of The Bassist: Level 1 - Digital Download

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Take your practice routine to the next level

The Way of The Bassist is a book and video course that will guide you through my daily 60 minute technique warm up. I hand crafted these exercises to warm you up, challenge you and help you grow while keeping things simple and easy to follow. I've also condensed everything into an automated "workout video" format (don't worry, no spandex required) so that all you need to do is show up, press play and give it your best for 60 minutes straight. Make these exercises part of your daily routine and you will see massive improvement in your right and left hand technique!

This download contains nearly 10GB of video files (40 demonstration videos and 40 exercise videos at 8 different tempos) along with the eBook in PDF format for two levels of difficulty: Beginner and Advanced.

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